Monday, April 18, 2011

Wee Timorous Beasties

Wowsers what  a title, I've outdone myself here and who out of you knows where this comes from? apparently it's Scottish poet Robert Burns.
Robert Burns Ode to a Mouse

I didn't even know this until I googled timorous beasties, no idea why this name was in my head, every day's a school day am I right? ... except maybe if you're ACTUALLY at school in which case I was making deodorant flame throwers and trying to put out my friends accidental hair fire, yep them were the days! (If you are reading this Clare Malone then it was definitely not me that started the infamous hair fire it was IB)

Anyway these are some cute/scary beasties I'm making for a Craftster swap. I've fallen completely in love with the octopus, she's made from a felted lambswool sweater. There's a tutorial here although having actually looked at it I think she's meant to be a jellyfish?  Cube Octopus/Jellyfish Tutorial  Jellyfish, Octopus whatever, she's so cute!

The other little critter family were made using this very simple pattern. Monster Amigurimi Pattern

Again I try and fail at embroidery, a cute girly eyelash appears to have turned into a monobrow, very uncute!

I'm generally not a stuffie person aside from making things for Baby Noah, but I've really had fun making these, I hope my swap partner likes them too.

Next up, some recycled sweater projects and fingers crossed one more Blue refashion I promised early last week.

P.S Stay in school kids te he he


Clare Malone said...

Lol mate, I have just read your latest blog and cracked up when I read the part about the deodorant flame throwers. (Cracked up even more when I saw what you'd put in the brackets) x P.S Love the little knitted creatures, so cute x

LoveMakesTheGirl said...

Such cute wee timorous beasties! (I absolutely love that descriptor, by the way!)

I too am in love with the octopus. If I were you, I might have trouble letting her go! The crocheted friends are darling as well.

spidermom said...

quite fond of mr/ms monobrow ;)

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