Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Felty Swell(ty) but thankfully not smel(ty)

I've been pretty quiet on the old 2011 pledge but it's still something I'm trying to keep to as much as possible, mostly using up my stash. I've only bought new fabric once this year so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself. It's so tempting to buy new all the time but there is so much fabric going to waste and ending up in landfills even via thrift stores etc etc, that if we can refashion existing fabric then it's a winner, winner Chicken dinner, man I love cheesy sayings like that, and it sounds especially stupid coming from a veggy of 21 years (since I was 12 if you're counting!)

Anyway soap box firmly stowed away, here are a couple of projects I rustled up the other day from a 1 felted sweater and a felted misshapen scarf of all things.
If you haven't tried sewing with felted wool it is really forgiving, I cut the scarf into squares(ish) and didn't expect much from this cushion considering the squares were completely non matching (not my fault, it was the scarf I promise) The great thing about wool is that it has some give to it so I just manhandled the pieces until they lined up and once I'd sewn it up and stuffed the cushion cover you'd never tell.

Front and Back of the cushion, the back is an envelope style using the bottom hem of the sweater.

I'm sure we all have shrunken woolen clothing we feel guilty about, maybe you're hiding your hubbys/flat mates/girlfriends favourite Sweater since you accidentally boiled it to death, well wouldn't this make a good gift to say 'oops sorry I'm completely incompetent? (I was so close to putting incontinent then ha ha, that'll be baby Noah wittering away in the background!)

The second project I've been meaning to do for ages, who doesn't like slipping into a bed that's been warmed by a Hot Water bottle, I know I'm old school, I love having toasty feet it reminds me of my Nanny Grays house which had no Central heating when I was a kid.

The sweater sleeves made this cover, the cuff folds over to act as a closure, it should have been all one piece but old Cutty McScissors here got too excited and snipped the cuff off and had to rejoin it!!

See how misshappen the scarf was? and the sweater I swapped put for a cabled one, you get the picture though.

Finally a big thanks to Nanci for emailing me, you totally got me thinking about felted sweater projects again xoxo


Erica Louise said...

Nice work! I recently turned one of my husbands shirts into a cushion cover. What pledge are you doing by the way? not buying anything new for a year? Bravo!

Meg Needles said...

I love these! Great cushion! Awesome job. ^_^

ruby murray said...

The pledge isn't anything official I just want to buy less and use what I have, and boy do I have a lot or stuff to use up! Strangely I too just finished a mans shirt to cushion cover, I wonder if they're similar?!

Erica Louise said...

I think your pledge sounds great. It's surprising how much 'stuff' we already have lying around the house isn't it

Here is mine

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