Saturday, April 9, 2011

HMDH - The Selection Pack!

I hesitate to call these Hand-me-Down Horrors since not much needed doing to make them cute, first up a gorgeous if not a bit 'churchy' summer dress, this needed the bust line lowering and thankfully once I'd carefully unpicked the sleeves and the shoulder seam I had another couple of cm's seam allowance to play with which lowered the cross over bustline and gave me more boob coverage, after all no-one wants a segmented boob paunch do they?

Secondly this fabric was so beautiful but I think the dress came from a tall ladies shop so I unpicked the waist seam, cut off 2 inches in width, gathered up the skirt and added an elastic casing, next up was the shoulders which were baggy huge and generally rubbish looking, this was an easy peasy fix, I just stitched down the seam allowance allowing room for some more elastic, this then bunched up the shoulders and made it a whole lot cuter.

These dresses both look gorgeous on but I shudder when I have to ask hubby to take photos of me, unless I'm looking for an extra 30lb's and two chins added he is never my go to guy for top photos, I swear my 21 month old baby Noah could and has taken more attractive photos of me!

Still the Spring is ever inching closer in Edmonton, we don't wear jackets anymore and although there is still on the ground, the Sun is shining and Doors and Windows can again be opened so no cabin fever feelings anymore. 

Closeup of the necklace which I made too.

Thrifted belt

Boring old before shot complete with an ugly fabric rose at the bust point and not much room for anyone larger than a AA cup to fit themselves into!

Before shot and close up of the beautiful fabric in exactly the same colours as it is in person, so pretty.

Have a great weekend, get youself to a thrift store and start chopping and stitching, I'm off on a thrifty jaunt in a sec.


Sonia said...

Your work is inspiring! I found you through the tutorial link on Grograin. Love what you do, keep it up :D

Erica Louise said...

Beautiful dresses , particularly the purple/pink one.

ruby murray said...

Thank you so much for the lovely, lovely comments. My sewing has been a bit more basic recently as I'm gearing up to move house but soon enough I'll be back to making more radical changes I promise xoxo

P.s I totally thought it was Friday when I originally posted, I think with packing boxes I must have tucked my brain away in one of them!

Meg Needles said...

I really love the purple/pink dress! Both are gorgeous, I think the colors on that one just make it my favorite.

Also, I love the choker on the blue one. Did you make that? It's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

You have out done yourself as always, Ruby.

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