Monday, April 11, 2011

Thrift store Treasures

If you haven't guessed by now, my local thrift store is my home away from home, in fact at anyone time I can tell my friends where and which thrift stores are having the best sales and which one is the best for bags, belts, clothes etc, it's a gift ha ha.

Anyway I've always had a thing for 70's art, clothing, accessories, Hair, even music. I have a theory that the decade you were born in is destined to haunt you forever and it's definitely true for me, a 1978 baby and in true form names after a Hot Chocolate song about a lady who wants to be a movie queen and eventually kills herself, yep thanks for that Mum! (p.s yep my real name is Emma, Ruby is just my blog name, but it's ok if you call me that too!)

Now I have no music system in my apartment, just one Cassette radio/CD thingy so I have no way of listening to these but then that's not the point. I intend to frame these when we get to our house (we sign contracts today and get the keys Friday), the designs are so bold and trippy, I absolutely love them even the font only record sleeves.

Spot the random kitten!

random bird in this pic!

Love this one too, it reminds me of Monty Python, but also the alleged real round table of the Knights of the round table, King Arthur, Guinevere, Sir Lancelot etc that is up in Winchesters Great Hall, it's so cool to see it even if it isn't the real thing.

The Round Table

I hope you enjoyed these far out pics, and I'm still sewing and working on some lovely Blue projects at the moment so stay tuned for a double or maybe even triple whammy later on this week.


Meg Needles said...

I love this post. My thrift stores are like a home away from home, too. In fact, I'm really excited to be thrifting in my parent's town this coming weekend because I always find the best stuff there.

I think that's true that the decade you're born in will haunt you- I do have a weakness for the 60's and 70's, but I was born in (AND ADORE) the eighties along with the early nineties, both of which have made recent fashion comebacks. (Love HAIR, though. Oh Treat Williams, you were once so adorable)

spidermom said...

groovy baby!

Emma Mac said...

Hello, I'm an British born 1978-born Emma too! Just found your blog after coming across your fantastic bow-sleeved t-shirt tutorial - I love it. Now I can't sit on my backside reading blogs with a cuppa at nap times...... if it only takes an hour I have no excuse!

ruby murray said...

Meg you make me feel! and you should totally be my nextdoor neighbour so I could give you all my 80's thrifty finds!

Emma Mac, yay another British Emma and also born in 78?, a great vintage that year wouldn't you agree!!

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