Wednesday, April 6, 2011

20p Mix up

Yum 20p mix ups remember those?, back in the days when you could actually buy something for less than a fiver, think back people that day did exist I promise you! For those of you to young to remember, you used to be able to buy mixed bags of sweets for 20p, yum yum.

Anyway cute name for a post I think, but here is the mixed bag of tricks I've been working on, awful photos but I cannot find anyone to model them so I can take a good photo.

First is the basic piped cushion cover I made from the pouffy sleeved Nigerian Skirt suit. I never seem to have enough piping in the basic colours, so I made the piping from a short length of white ribbon I had and you'll never guess what the inside of the piping is, I used cotton washing line. It was $2.38 for 13 metres which is a ton cheaper than either buying premade piping or buying the stuff to make it yourself, and it's braided so you can use the leftovers on its own as a decorative cording too, magic! I use this stuff all the time.
To quote the fearless leader of the A-Team, I love it when a plan comes together!
Next up, (I told you this was a random mix) a baby bear hat and mittens for a charity Auction that my friend is taking part in. I couldn't decide what to make then I found this gorgeous pattern and couldn't resist getting my Crochet on.

If you fancy trying this out check out these great patterns:
Bear ears Baby hat Crochet pattern
Bear paw mitten Crochet pattern

This looks like a Tea cosy until you put it on then suddenly cat ears appear. This is actually for a swap I'm taking part in so I hope she doesn't take a sneaky peek! This photo is not the best at showing how the ears look and unfortunately I can't find a link to the pattern anymore. If anyone is interested I can type this up though, it's really easy, just DC and Popcorn stitches, no increases no decreases, magic! 

Lastly this is the next project. I've had this for a couple of weeks and the fabric is so Cath Kidston I love it but it needs some adjustments as the previous incumbent clearly had no boobs whatsover, and call me fussy but I do insist on the bust line being south of  nipplage, it's one of my core beliefs!

Fingers crossed I'll be posting Friday, my poor old pc only has 1Gb RAM and sometimes it takes three tries to even check my emails, so it's off for a tune up.


emmalemma said...


You were featured on Grosgrain!..sort of.

emmalemma said...

It's her subscription-only type posts, but that's your top!

ruby murray said...

Ha that's so cool, thanks for letting me know hun you're a sweetie xoxo

Monique said...

Hi, just found you via Grosgrain via... Awesome blog!

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