Monday, April 4, 2011

HMDH 26 - Paper bag skirt from Pile of poop Jacket

Thanks for bearing with me folks, I've finally started getting the apartment in order, just to give you an example of how much clothing I have here's a little scene from my life:

Lacey: Wow you have a lot of fabric in your room
Jeannette: No Lacey that's all clothes
Lacey: (Raises eyebrows nervously) All of it? Ohhhh

So it's taking a long time to get fabric/clothing and general crap in to some semblance of order!

Anyway, I picked this up during my thrift store trip for the Ugly to Awesome craftster challenge, at the time I couldn't think what to make of it but it finally hit me. I hacked off the top of the jacket, folded 4 inches down and zig zag stitched two lines giving me a channel for some elastic which gave it the great scrunched up look , I changed up the buttons and wam bam thank you Mam a comfy skirt to add to my wittled down (half packed away wardrobe.

It'll be perfect for the warmer weather we're having, it reached a high of +3 today, shock horror! and no exaggeration but Canadians walk around in shorts and t-shirts in this weather, having only been in the country for 4 years I'll be sticking to my sweaters and Jeans though!

Ugly before shot

Take care folks and remember next post Wednesday!


Caitlin @ CaitsCreates said...

This is TOO cute!

poet said...

Great idea! Can you provide me with a link to the Ugly to Awesome challenge in case it ever happens again? Because ugly to awesome is what I do all the time... :)

La Bouilloire Noire said...

Awesome idea!

Jillian said...

I really dig this! The scrunched up sides really make this a unique skirt! :) I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for the next Ugly to Awesome Challenge!

ruby murray said...

Thanks ladies, and sure thing here's the link to Craftster and the last Ugly to awesome challenge round 2. I'm on Craftster as Mink_Bikini

P.s I totally feel like I'm in an ugly to awesome challenge every time I brush my hair and put on my makeup in the morning ha ha

LoveMakesTheGirl said...

Amazing as usual, Ruby! I love the vertical stripes and the new buttons are the perfect touch.

Btw, your projects are always so professional!

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