Thursday, March 31, 2011

Upcoming HMDH's and the sitch!

So I didn't post yesterday, it's the first time since Christmas day that I haven't posted but I have a lot on my plate, still sewing but frantically trying to pack up the house and wrangle this little boy into high chairs, strollers, bed, bath, you know the usual!

I'm going to be switching down to Mon, Wed Fri posts until the move and I've got things on a more manageable level in the RM household!, fear not still showing you refashions and plenty of recycling projects and since I'm so excited to be soon in our new gaff (UK speak for home) I'll be rustling up some home accessories too in the next coming weeks.

So bear with me folks and these are some Horrors I'm working on in between packing. 

This was the top leftover from the Pass the Dutch dress, check out those sleeves yuck! they're even pouffier and hideous in person, there's no saving this top!

Shapeless baggy, a jersey knit striped jacket that my whole family could live in.

Some beautifully coloured Saris and overthings.

Stay with me folks, next post Monday!


spidermom said...

never get tired of pics of cute babies covered in food messes!

ruby murray said...

Thanks he's so cute isn't he! and he's enjoying cucumber pieces with sour cream, he's such a funny little boy he asked for Nuts today which means sunflower seeds. He's cheap to run that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Too cute for words. That is your baby, Ruby.

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