Saturday, March 12, 2011

WIP IT 4 - Circular Jewellery Pouch

Busting out another aged project from my WIP list, this time it's a circular design jewellery pouch. When I make something for a gift I tend to cut out two and try and make a spare, either for me or for a quickie 'I'm rubbish I forgot your birthday' gift. The original pouch went to my sister Hannah last September, and I added some beads to the drawstring and a teeny tiny Key charm was sewn on to the centre of the inside, it looked so cute.

Anyway here is the not so detailed version I wipped (te he he) up last night, It's such an easy design, you could totally make it using a Dinner plate and a side plate as a pattern then mark and stitch four lines from each corner of the inner circle. Adding another circle would give you another 8 pockets also, it's as simple as that. 
For written instructions only, you could try this tutorial which is slightly different to the way I made mine but still quite detailed.

ehow jewelry drawstring pouch

Fully opened out flat showing the Gold rick rack to separate each of the 8 pockets.

As you start to pull it closed the pockets start to be more visible.

Sorry about the yucky photos and different backgrounds, this was me using baby Noahs play mats and a sheet of printer paper as a background, I know I'm so ghetto, no Photoshop wizardry for me :)

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ruby murray said...

I should mention that this pouch started life as a thrifted skirt, it was lined which meant cutting two of each circle even easier. You have got to love recycling :)

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