Friday, March 11, 2011

WIP IT 3 - Mini Leather Journal

Sorry no cheeky titles today! I've been meaning to make one of these Leather journals since I saw this lovely lady's Etsy shop Pearls of Wisdom, incidentally she is also a Craftster too, check out her blog Classic Inez

I had a ton of Leather scraps in different bright colours so I couldn't resist making one of my own and I just happened to have a tiny scrap of this beautiful vintage ribbon to tie it with. Inside I have covered each batch of paper can't remember the correct term, after all I'm more at home with a sewing machine :) with a scrap from an Atlas that shows places I've lived or visited, these two facing pages just happened to have where I was born and where I live now which I thought was cool.

This was a fantastic idea and again I give full credit to Inez for this idea

I'm no journal maker, in fact I don't even journal but I am a total Bibliophile (that means I love books right? hoping it doesn't mean that I like to do rude things with books or something odd like that haha) I also love stationery and anything I can write notes in or on especialy if it's pretty so I'm so happy with how this turned out, perfect size for my handbag and completely out of recycled materials, go me!

Lastly the lovely reason why I am blogging at lunch time instead of first thing in the morning, my little fella baby Noah wants his cosy time with his Mama reading books on the sofa, and how could I turn down this cute little boy!

A few beautiful handmade journals I found on Etsy

Soft Coral - Wee Chunky Book - Handmade

LOVE JOURNALS - Small Leather Notebook Journals with Square Buttons - 7 Colours Available - Gift Idea - MADE TO ORDER

Leather Journal Book, Hoot Owl

Vegan Faux Leather Journal/Notebook-White

Crimson and Lace - red Italian leather journal with white lace and cream writing paper pages.


ruby murray said...

Just in case you were wondering, I'm not being paid or receiving anything from these Etsy sellers, I just love what they are making and all handmade artisans need a pat on the back.

I also always let people know when I link to their pictures etc, I'm keeping it old skool and bringing back the long lost art of manners and courtesy ;)

Wee Bindery said...

I love your journal! Beautiful! Your son Noah is absolutely adorable! Thank you so much for including my book in your wonderful blog! :D

Inez said...

I'm thrilled that something I made inspired you to create something so adorable! I love your little book. Aren't maps just beautiful media? Thank you for sharing this. =)

Yes, bibliophile means you have an affinity for books (it's nothing dirty ;) ).

GiftedPapers said...

Your blog is most enjoyable! I too like your journal. Keep creating when you have the time. I'm sure you will come up with many great designs.
Thanks so much for including my journal in your selection.

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