Sunday, March 13, 2011

WIP IT 5 - Mens Tie Rose Brooch or the ultimate revenge craft

I have always been fascinated with recycled tie projects but had never tried one before until now.  This oversized Brooch started life as a mens tie from the 70's, I'd been wanting to make one of these for a while and the colours on the tie were perfect so I scooped it up for a buck, there was plenty of fabric, no cutting required and just a gluegun and a few tiny stitches to hold it all in  place.

So why the ultimate revenge craft? well call me vindictive but I could just imagine me making these out of my ex boyfriends Paul Smith ties, or maybe my ex bosses ties hmmm the possibilities are endless!

Anyway vengeful daydreaming aside I love how this looks and can't wait to wear it on my next jaunt into the cold.

Cami at Youseriouslymadethat shows you how to make a hair rosette in a similar style just using regular fabric and a glue gun, you could totally apply this to the tie project, just start at the small end of course.
hair rosette tutorial

If you're new to the blog and wondering what happened to all the refashioned clothing projects, fear not this is a week out of my usual routine to make me finish a work in progress project every day, it's seriously making me shift these older projects and I'll be returning to my beloved Hand-Me-Down Horrors just as soon as I've brought you WIP IT 7.

Incidentally underneath this coat is my latest Hand-Me-Down Horror and  forthcoming tutorial that you'll all be wanting to try ;)

Here's my pick of Recycled tie projects from Etsy sellers to get your crafty ideas flowing.

Ultra Mod Neck Tie Boat Neck T
Mens Tie Top

Necktie Wallet - Recycled Tie Prep School Brown Striped

Mens tie Wallet

Edie Necktie Bitlet Bag OOAK
Mens tie pouch

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Anonymous said...

Very nice. It looks sophisticated. Love the red and gray together. Looking foward to HMDH (Hand-Me-Down-Horror). Have a great week sewing!

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