Thursday, March 10, 2011

WIP IT 2 - Sweary Mary Cross Stitch

Oh no she didn't! Yep I've scraped the barrel of my WIP projects for these two beauties, hoping I don't scare off my new readers who may be under the misconception that I am a mild mannered polite English lady :)

I'd like to preface these two pictures by giving you the low down on English people (and pretty much anyone from the UK too)

1. We all swear, even if we do it privately we all do it, yep Grandmas, posh people everyone.
2. We firmly believe that swearing DOES make you cool despite what our teachers/sunday school/parents told us.
3. There is not a crisis that cannot be eased by dropping a few F-Bombs (as the polite Canadians refer to them in my neck of the woods)
4. There is no situation in which swearing is inappropriate, swearing is ALWAYS appropriate, it's just the volume you need to alter to get away with it ;)

Lastly, call it what you like, cussing, cursing, potty mouthing, my personal favourite is effing and jeffing. It's funny and even funnier when paired with one of the 'gentle arts' as they were once referred to, so prepare to cringe, peep through half closed fingers, shield your screen from your Boss/kids but hopefully let out a naughty little giggle.

If you like this post you must check out Julie Jacksons genius subversive cross stitch patterns and kits.

Tilt your head to the right!
This one was actually for my Mother-in-Law and no I don't hate her but my hubby thought it would be hilarious, fingers crossed!

So there it is, base humour at its finest :)

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spidermom said...

AHAHAHA effing and jeffing! i was considering doing a similar cross stitch paired with an equally offensive term for male genitalia for our bedroom ;)
and anything commemorating something from Snatch is awesome in my book!

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