Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WIP IT 1 - Felt Dahlia Broch

Busting through those WIP projects this week for what I am calling WIP it (I know, genius right?), I'm going to be going hell for leather and applying my stubborn Taurean streak to the numerous unfinished projects I have littering my apartment.

Todays finished article: the Felt Dahlia brooch, I've had these pieces all cut out since November, I'm such a slacker I know.

Check out the link to make your own, link 2 is some notes to make the process easier, I found using fabric glue was not successful but I wizzed through with a glue gun and didn't need to leave my petals overnight to dry so it was even quicker, allowing me to get cracking with another WIP project I've put off since September this time, yep I'm going Chronologically (at least for today anyway!)

Not Marthas Felt Dahlia Brooch Tutorial
Notes to accompany the tutorial

Tomorrow some offensively worded Cross stitch, be prepared to look through your fingers folks as I become a sweary Mary, sorry Mum sorry Nanny Gray! (Yep I call my Grandma Nanny, I'm English what did you expect!)


spidermom said...

love the dahlia and sooo looking forward to offensively worded cross stitch, one of my favorite things ;)

Anonymous said...


ruby murray said...

Thanks lovely people, I definitely made it a bit squwiff (wonky) but I could see myself making more of these, they're so pretty and Springy.

Lady Abigail said...

Hi Ruby, another English Rose here! Found you through Butterflies&Hurricanes today, read all of your posts and am loving your blog, wit and style. Keep up the good work dear, I look forawrd to your future posts :) Abigail

ruby murray said...

Lady Abigail (love the name) yay for us English girls! thanks for such a lovely comment, you're welcome here anytime :)

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