Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011 Pledge? Anyone?

So I've been a slacker, I am a typical Taurean and go balls bulls out for a new project forgetting totally about previous ones so my promise to get cracking on the WIP list has fallen by the wayside in favour of my beloved Hand-me-Down Horrors restyles.

Yep, I have completely ignored my 2011 pledge for at least a month, anyone else have the March 'I've already forgotten my New Years resolutions' feeling? I'm sure it's not just me that needs to 'fess up.

No longer will I leave those poor unloved WIP projects to fester in a dark drawer, I have a ton of projects that are so close to finishing that I have no excuse, so here goes; a Week of WIP (work in progress) I will be trying to complete a project a night and put all my new project ideas on the backburner, for a little bit anyway.

If you have a few WIP projects hanging around maybe it's time to bust them out too, time to stand up and be counted people, no more neglecting of these unloved projects.


Anonymous said...

I look foward to seeing your Hand-Me-Down-Horrors. They are inspiring. It gets me going on my sewing projects. However I understand you have to finish the other unfinshed projects.

ruby murray said...

Don't worry Anonymous (if that is your real name ha ha) I'm still working away on Hand-Me-Down Horrors whilst finishing off these WIP projects so they'll be plenty of lovelies after the week is up :)

Thanks again for the lovely comment x

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