Tuesday, March 29, 2011

HMDH 25 - Shawly that's not wearable!

Ha ha ha, another ridiculous title coming at you, and sadly another refashion where I have had to resort to an enforced photo shoot directed by my seriously uninterested (in photography) hubster!

This had an awful shawl thing attached into the yoke of the dress so I seam ripped that sucker right out, I fully intended on putting some of the collar back in (non shawly bit) but when I added a little bit of elastic it fitted perfectly so no scissors on this one, not a hatchet job at all and finished in one evening, my kind of refashion.

I also apologise for my bruised legs, this is the lovely baby Noah climbing into bed with us for morning snuggles! they are totally worth it!
It was very important to get both plug socket and switch into this photo, that took a lot of manouvering!

Boxes everywhere ready for the move

Just for fun I added the seam ripped part back on yuck!

This fabric is so pretty IRL just couldn't get the right colour into the photo.


emmalemma said...

That fabric looks really really cool! Reminds me of a Mucha poster.

Now for spring to finally come!

jacqueline said...

its jacqueline:) finally following you! i love itt its pretty <3

LoveMakesTheGirl said...

Oh how cute! (Is this a romper? It's hard to tell). How nice to have such a quick step to something wearable :)

ruby murray said...

Thanks ladies, Jacqueline it's about time you little brat (my too-cool-for-skool sister)

Janelle yes it's a romper which is not usually my type of thing but since it's so short as a dress I thought I'd keep it as is, the romper idea is growing on me ;)

LoveMakesTheGirl said...

Rompers aren't really my thing either :P but it looks close enough to a dress, so why not? Maybe someday I'll find a romper that I don't mind so much, too :)

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