Monday, March 28, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Home?

So this is no horror by any means, the cardigan in this photo was lovingly knitted by someone and sadly ended up unloved on a thrift store rack. I am in awe of knitters, I can knit only the very basics, y'know a Dr Who scarf 2 miles long and that's about the depth of my prowess, whoever knitted this had some serious skills.

Since I'll be moving in to my new home (new to me, trust me to pick a previously owned house) I wanted to make some new cushions and goodies to take with me, cue my local dollar thrift store, it never lets me down!

I picked this hooded cardi up for $1 and it turned into this gorgeous (I think) cushion. I also recycled some unfluffy cushions and a bed pillow that were otherwise on the scrap heap, lumpy, dribble marks from my hubby falling asleep on them and somehow they had pen marks on them too, yum I'm really painting a picture for you aren't I?!

I opened up the cushions (they didn't have a cover it was just a stuffed and sewn cover) opened up the pillow and removed the insides which was one solid piece of compacted Polyester fluff, except it wasn't fluffy. So I sat down one evening and pulled it apart into little pieces until the whole inside of the pillow was fluffy again and restuffed the old green cushions which were now going to be cushion inserts. The bed pillow was just the yucky cotton shell once I'd finished, although I could always have cut this up too and used it as stuffing.

That's it, I just sewed a square with a tight zigzag stitch, the cardigan opening became the cushion opening so no button holes or zippers needed, a quick easy project.

 I even have all these leftover pieces to make something else from!

The materials in before state

How it's going to look paired with my other Red, White and Blue cushions.
Hope you like this brief change from the normal refashions


emmalemma said...

Those leftover pieces look perfect for a pair of mittens, even if the project would be a little un-seasonal now! I've been recycling interesting sweaters into mittens for a few Christmases.

LoveMakesTheGirl said...

This is a nifty idea-then again, you are full of nifty ideas :) I like your collection of throw pillows!

Anddd I mentioned you for the Kreativ Blogger Award on my blog. I'm not sure if you pay attention to those, but you deserve the recognition!

greenTXmom said...

I love this!! That sweater is one rockin' knot creation and with elephants to boot. :) I saw a creation of yours on another blog, Cait Creates, and just had to check you out!! I wirte a blog that is supposed to focus on green living, reviews and giveaways but my life seems to dribble in their quite often.
Would love for you to stop by!

ruby murray said...

Thanks for the great ideas emmalemma this would make amazing mittens and with snow on the ground still totally wearable in Canada!

Janelle I totally care about awards, thank you so much, anytime anyone likes my blog it's a great compliment.

GreenTXmom love your post on Enviroglas, how current as I only just saw a kitchen counter made of this the other day, absolutely beautiful.

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