Monday, March 7, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Horror 21 - Poppieasy button loop makeover

I tried something new for this one, the front seam has the gorgeous vertical stripes but it was all sewn up and it was begging for some button, after all, what does not look better without some vintage buttons? Oh apart from the gorgeous baby Noah who decided that for the first time in his 21 months he would see what they tasted like, a whole handful mind you!

I have had this dress in my stash for at least 3 years and so many times I went to donate it then fished it out of the re-thrift pile at the last moment. I just couldn't bear to part with it but had no ideas with what to do with it, until now!

I chopped off the sleeves yep no changes there, but this time I cut off the button loops from the sleeves.  I didn't see them at first as the sleeve had been taken up and folded inside,  nice surprise.
I then hacked off about 2 foot from the bottom, I really wanted to keep this maxy length but wowsers that's a whole lot of print for one body to wear and the remaining fabric I'm keeping for another project along the line. The sleeves yielded enough fabric for... yep more sleeves but shorter, cuter and pleated for some fullness at the sleeve cap. Then I got to work adding the button loops to the bust. Still need to find the perfect buttons (4 of them) but these were good enough for me to share the tutorial with you.

Really pleased with how this turned out, I am a complete 70's girl but I thought this had a touch of the 40's too which I'm really coming round to, Lacey K you are to blame for this!!

Hoping you like the Tutorial for this one too, it takes me a long time to get the tutorials photographed, sewn and typed up so please let me know what you think and don't forget to link back to me if you use this technique.

Before: The Horror pic
As always I love to hear what you think, just as long as you didn't prefer the before shot ;)


Content in a Cottage said...

Very nice transformation. I grew up sewing my own clothes and can appreciate what you did. Love the button loops. Thanks for stopping by the cottage.
xo, Rosemary

spidermom said...

i squeal!!!

ruby murray said...

Thanks Rosemary and lovely to have you as my latest follower :)

Spidermom I hope that's a good squeal lol

Anonymous said...

Okay I am a little late to comment-However great toot. Love the frock

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