Sunday, February 20, 2011

Voting Ruby Murray

A big thanks to anyone who voted for me in the super ugly to super awesome challenge, I didn't expect to win... and I didn't, so no disappointment there!

I did however come 5th out of 35 entrants, and since I never ever do well in those challenges (seriously I've had only 1 vote before) this was a vast improvement, I got a whole 15 votes!

I just entered for fun and I have no idea even what the prize was but for those of you that have just joined I submitted this dress, made from the worlds ugliest skirt.



The winning project was also a refashion and a fantastic one at that, so many times there are weird and wonderful posts that seem to get lots of attention so I was more than happy to lose to this entrant.


Bea W. said...

Hey congrats!!! I voted for you as I am on craftster too and found your blog there (or you found mine and then I found yours?? I can't remember) I am exited for you. What did you win? They always have cute t-shirts and stuff.
Well done, you deserve it.

ruby murray said...

Aww thanks for voting for me lady, I didn't win anything sadly but maybe next time. I had fun anyway!!

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