Monday, February 21, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Horror 18 - Test page halterneck

So I had a hair disaster yesterday, I went in with my fringe pinned to the side and looking awful and just for the heck of it the girl cut my hair as it was, brushed to one side, so I have some fringe that reaches my nose and some that doesn't cover my eyebrows. It looks a right royal state. So to cheer myself up I threw myself off the wagon and bought more goodies to refashion, I know, I know, how naughty!! I spent a wopping $8. Yowsers!!

This was a one night project, and I totally broke all the rules and used the fabric with the grain going straight across so I had to put some elastic at the bottom to feign some shape,  but me and my wonky fringe are in love with it.

So I added a collar to the front, elasticated the back, then bias taped the bottom and added elastic to it to puff it out a bit. I based it on the HMDH 1 and I think it worked out pretty successfully.

The icky before shot

Hope you like it peeps <3

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