Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Horror 17 - Doilie-licious

So I had this in my wardrobe, I'd never worn it and was about to throw it out, but wait what's that across the room desperate to be united with this cheesy dress/top? yep a gorgeous thrifted doily with an unfortunate tea stain on one half.

Cue the scissors, the trusty zigzag stitch, a bit of ribbon and hello no. 17!

All stuff I had on hand either in my wardrobe, stash or leftover ribbon so a big fat $0 price for this refashion.

Please excuse the mixed bag of photos I could not get a good one of this on the dummy and I'm still trying to work out taking a good photo of myself.

 On the old 2 second timer, 10 secs too long 2 secs way too short!

Me skidding to a halt after Noah booby traps my spot by sliding a plastic mat under the door! Hence the horror face.

and lastly just for fun, the little man, foiling my attempts again at one good mama and baby photo!

Hope you liked this one :)

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