Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stash Sewing - The Painting smock?

So here it is, not a complete success in my eyes. The sewing is spot on at least but I'd been holding on to this fabric for ages and had wanted to make the Anda burdastyle pattern for a while, it was meant to be shapeless and tied with a drawstring at the waist and really that's exactly what it does. Shame it doesn't suit my newly curvy Momma figure.

Incidentally the dress form is a UK 8 US 4 and it looks dumpy doesn't it? that's why designers have to use tall skinny models for their photoshoots etc, normal bodies look dumpy it would seem.

The dress has bias taped neckline, armholes (pattern has built in sleeves) and I cinched the sleeves to try and stop it looking too much like the said painting smock!!

What do you think?


Grammy said...

I absolutely love it, I can see myself in it with dark tights and high heeled anckle boots.

emmalemma said...

I think it looks comfy! I've been sewing on and off for quite a number of years, but I have to admit this...I've never used bias tape to finish and edge! Is it tricky at all?

I'd also love to hear your reviews of the Burda patterns you've used, would you recommend them to others?

ruby murray said...

Thanks Grammy, yes that sounds like the perfect way to wear it. I think it suffers by comparison to the last dress which was so fitted and lovely.

emmalemma my (sewing) friends have never tried bias tape either but it is literally the easiest, cheatiest finish for every seam. I'm going to have to post a tutorial on sewing with it and all it's different uses, as it literally is a godsend. Stay tuned for the pattern reviews, good idea for tomorrows post.

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