Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Horrors?

I fully intended to just refashion one piece a week, but if you know me I get excited about things and want to do them now now now! and so I ended up making it a month of Horrors and managed 4 a week (so far).

This was meant to be the final week of HMDH's but I have had such a blast and would you believe that with 12 articles made over and hanging in my wardrobe I still have tons of clothing begging to be made lovely. So you lovely people have convinced me to keep going, I can't promise 4 a week as I still intend on working through my WIP list which means you'll see a mixed bag of stuff coming up in addition to your favourite nasty clothes made good.

The clothes are just going to get worse and worse as time goes on and I get to the end of a large storage bag full of vintagey yuckiness, I have a ton of ideas and techniques I still want to try so I'm looking forward to seeing where this takes me.

Coming up tomorrow: the finished dress my husband thought was a painting smock, yeah thanks hubby!

1 comment :

La Bouilloire Noire said...

I'm very happy to hear it as I liked your horrors!

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