Thursday, February 3, 2011

And now for something completely different!

I have a lot of grown up ladies in my family, boys are a rarity, (except the newest generation, go figure!) name check: Jeannette, Hannah, Jacqueline, Charlotte, Amy, Joan, Joanne, Jayne, Michelle, that's only both our sisters and Mums (hubby and I that is)

I do however love the look and sentiment behind a handmade card and since time is such a commodity in my house, I try to make a bunch of cards in one go whenever I get a good idea, so here is my latest bash at card making, and look away if you're one of the above names!!

I'll preface this by saying I do not in any way consider myself a papercrafter, more of an enthusiastic dabbler!!  I use what I have and have a go at new things, it's fun too.


Each bag is made of sheet felt, the heavy weight stiff stuff, some bags have a flap, some have beaded handles and some are closed with a square brad. The background is a textured paper that I coloured silver to give it a foil look, and I went to town with a teeny tiny heart hole punch, and made them half the width of regular cards so I could make more from the card blanks I had already. 

I think they turned out cute, what say you lovely peeps?


Grammy said...

they r so pretty, hope one's coming my way :) xx

cindylou said...

you have been busy, great cards!

ruby murray said...

Thanks Cindylou and yes 'Grammy' aka Mum I've saved the best most glitziest one for you <3

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