Friday, February 4, 2011

Patterns in review - Burdastyles Anda

I've shown three patterns from Burda now: Anda, Tara and the Contour Bust Dress and the lovely emmalemma suggested I give the patterns some scrutiny and let you know what I think of them, so here goes, front and centre the Anda dress:

I used the pattern according to my size but I found it even more shapeless than it appeared on the Burda photos. It looked like a hospital smock before I cinched the sleeves. It was easy to sew but a few things I would definitely change about the instructions they give:

The casing for the drawstring I would suggest using a lightweight iron on interfacing (fusing) it will make it easier to sew on to the dress itself and make it more sturdy.

I also would fuse the draw string itself since you're going to be pulling it about it will stay looking sharp if it has a bit more weight to it

The pattern itself I found a little amateur looking, the side seams come to a dipped point at the under arm seam which looks a little off, if like me you used a contrast coloured bias binding.

The pattern was also extremely long, I'm not tiny (5ft 6'') and I initially reduced the length by 5 inches then took the hem up by a further two inches and it sits 4 inches above my knees, It would have been ridiculously long had it not been shortened.

Suggestions: To make it more wearable I would make it an empire line by reducing the length of the pattern above the waist and not below as I'd done. All in all I wouldn't rush to make this dress again, plenty of other people have made completely wearable versions of this and of course fabric choices can make the world of difference.

Overall Verdict: 2/10 a potato sack, not for me


emmalemma said...

Wow! Thanks for doing this! I'm an impatient sewer and like to jump in on a project without really studying the possible problem areas, or taking a moment to consider that maybe the garment will look different on my body than it does on a professional models... Lately I've been trying to Google search for completed projects and reviews to patterns before I delve in to get an idea of how something looks in "real life".

Thanks for the heads up on Anda!

ruby murray said...

No worries lady, I've been a bit slow on the sewing front this week so I'm happy to oblige. I too jump straight in to patterns and usually think I know best, resulting in much ripping of stitches!!!

Here are a few examples of different styles of Anda, I think the empire line (under bust) look far better

emmalemma said...

I like the scoopneck on the left one as well, I think it keeps it away from the "hospital gown" look.

I think I'd do an elastic casing instead of the drawstring to make it look a little less sporty... AHH! I have too many projects I want to do and not enough time!!!

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