Monday, January 3, 2011

WIP projects Diary recover

I got a diary with some lovely photos in but the front cover was a little plain, so I decided I should pretty up the cover after being inspired by this blog tutorial:
I didn't end up using the tute but it gave me a few ideas to use up some bits and bobs I had kicking around my too crammed teeny tiny apartment.

Without further ado here is my new look 2011 diary, another strike off the WIP list.

This was a quickie that I was able to use up some beautiful textured gift wrap I saved from one of my Mums presents to me from April, my Mum wraps everything beautifully, sadly I did not inherit her skills and usually end up with more Cellotape (UK equiv for Scotch tape) on my fingers/hair than anywhere else!

The embellishment was simply a small rectangle of scrap leather with a nice grainy used texture to it, a Pearlescent button from my new Xmas Pj's (at least I won't lose the spare one!) and a very thin red ribbon.

It was a nice easy project that gave me the chance to try out my Crop-a-dile (xmas gift from the hubby), I just punched a hole in the leather, two holes in the Diary cover and then threaded the ribbon through, added the Leather, then the button then tied it in a bow.

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