Sunday, January 2, 2011

Freebie extra post, because it co-ordinates!

So along with the cutler roll/lunch set I sent to my Craftster partner in the Sewists/Yarnies vs Papercrafters swap, I also made her a Floral vinyl headband which turned out so cute and was a real quicky to make. I liked the headband so much that I bought another plastic headband from the Dollar store and still have enough vinyl to make another for myself. 

It's a quick and easy project to wip up (aaghh not more puns!) in a hurry for yourself or as a small gift for a friend, that you may or may not have forgotten to buy for.

This has also given me a fiendish idea for a weekly project that involves no sewing, just you, some fabric and a gluegun for a quick and dirty project that you can even manage if you're a nap time crafter.

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