Tuesday, January 4, 2011

WIP project, the last of the plastic canvas!

Thankfully this is not really the last of the plastic canvas, just the beginning really, it is however the last project I had to finish off on my WIP list, and since the sun has graced my dingy craft dungeon of an apartment with some bonafide natural light, it's all hands to the pump and I'm taking as many photos as I can.

This is a project I had wanted to do for a while and my first ever trial at Plastic canvas, if you're looking for an easy project (I know I say it everytime but this one rocks!), it's cheap, cheerful, thrifty as it uses up teeny tiny pieces of plastic canvas and the small lengths of Embroidery floss you may be hanging on to.

These two pictures are the same pendant but the reverse, yes this baby's reversible too!

Another product of a blog I also follow,


and p.s I do actually make things not a, inspired or b, following instructions on the web, but these are some things I've wanted to make for a while and since they turned out so well you lucky, lucky people are expected to Ummm and ahhhh, possibly pointing too, yes lots of pointing is good!

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