Saturday, January 8, 2011

What happened to the hand-me-down?

Lets face it clothing these days is cheap, ok maybe just where I shop, but you get the point, even expensive clothing is cheaply made. Look at what you're wearing, if your clothing tags say Indonesia, India or China chances are it's not built to last.

We buy it, we love it briefly, we wear it, but nothing is ever worn out before we are on to the next style, fabric, cut pattern,colour etc. Some of us will donate our used clothing to a thrift store/charity shop, some will just ditch it adding to the horrifying amount of completely usable textiles that rot away in our landfills across the world.

So where am I going with this? am I asking you to tell your children tearjerking tales of naked children in Africa that would give their right arm for the Wool sweater they just poked a pencil through? Nope this is just a shock tactic and shameless promotion of my first theme on my blog.

I have a ton of clothes, yep that's not news to any of you I'm sure, so I'm going to be working through a minimum of 1 item a week (more where possible) and doing it up, ripping it, stitching it, cutting it and rocking my hand-me-down horrors.  It could be a vintage mumu, it could be a $3 wonder from Walmart but one things for certain, if you don't check back you'll never know how it turned out.

Look out for Hand-me-down horrors every Friday for before and after photos.


spidermom said...

i am so looking forward to seeing the results!!! LOL

ruby murray said...

Yay, and the great thing is, since I love to sew for the home as well if I start a project and it goes horribly wrong I can always turn it into a throw cushion!! Oops may have revealed too much of my evil plans!

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