Friday, January 7, 2011

Ruby Murray and the case of the psychic sewing machine

Noah trying to cheer me up by wearing a 70's dress as a hat

So today I was having a rough day, the kind that lesser beings than us Mums would just spend in bed with a hot water bottle and a good book. When I feel yuck/down/angry/happy (you get the picture) I get crafty and rustle me up a little pretty, today was just not my day.

Now I've heard that as parents our moods rub off on our children, that makes sense, but today it was my sewing machine that got the hump, I got 3 decent stitches out of it then BAMMO tension problems, I spent all of Noahs nap time trying to fix it to no avail and all the time I tried using it when I was down and a miser (pron. Mizzer. trans: miserable cow) it would not work for me, I did all the usual switcheroos and nothing, if anything it got worse. So I left it til Noahs bedtime, hubby gave me a hug, we had a laugh and when I sat at the machine, a quick fix later it was working, I managed to get 3/4's of the way through a dress recon I'd been putting off through lack of inspiration and managed to resize a cute thrifted cami to small size cuteness (pics to come tomorrow).

So since I live in North America where we like our happy endings wrapped up with a side order of vomit inducing moral story, here's mine (buckets at the ready) sometimes it's not the world that's against you,  it's just a bit of tension (couldn't resist the sewing pun) so snap out of it, and have a laugh at yourself, 'cos no-one likes a cry-baby. 


cindylou said...

I love your words of wisdom, they are very true, keep laughing!!

ruby murray said...

Thanks Cindylou, yep you just can't let things get on top of you. I aim to have on my gravestone here lies (my name) died laughing!!

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