Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hand-me-down Horror: No. 1

Ok so I said each Friday but as usual I got too excited and started early, and yes before you ask I was totally the little kid that hunted for her Christmas gifts in her Mums closet in case you were wondering!

This is a thrifted polkadot Cami I picked up for $1 at my all time favourite thrift store, it needed the elastic replacing and a facelift in general. I didn't do much to it, it wasn't such a horror to start with if I'm honest but hey I'm easing myself in gently. I added some Dark Blue baby rick rack (as if normal size Rick rack wasn't cute enough, Mummy and Daddy rick rack had a baby!)and tied a little bow around the strap, and that's it.

Obligatory scrunched up before shot, unfortunately I'd already changed the elastic before I took this photo so it's not as baggy and misshapen as it was.

Also forgot to iron it before taking the photos, ironing is not something I generally do unless I absolutely, positively have to, sorry Mum, sorry Mum in Law I've let you down, promise I'll iron the next finished article.

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