Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stash sewing - 60's high waisted skirt

This was a little filler in project, a quick and easy skirt cut out before I went to bed then started and finished in time for lunch the next day. The actual sewing/serging can be done in less than 10 minutes, with hemming add another 5 on so this really is easy peasy.

I used a skirt that fits me and used this as the pattern. The beauty of copying an existing piece is that you get exactly what you want and you know it's going to work out and as much as I love to sew I also love a happy ending.

The fabric is a 60's remnant from my stash that I got for a whopping 40c and it's so stretchy that the elastic I intended on adding to the waist facing wasn't even needed. It appears to be Polyester or a Poly blend, which whilst it isn't a fabric I would buy new, the pattern is gorgeous so who cares if my skin can't breathe in it, it's Winter and I'd really rather my lower portions were that little bit warmer!!

When buying new clothes I would stay away from Polyester in general because:
  • It's a synthetic fabric so It's like wrapping your skin in plastic,  your skin won't breathe which means you'll sweat.
  • It'll also be impossible to wash stains out of as it's a Hydrophobic fabric which means that whilst the fabric won't shrink like Cotton, water and detergent can't penetrate the fibres so sweat/smell/stains are all there to stay, yuck!
  • Definitely NEVER buy kids clothing that is made from Polyester, for the above reasons plus Polyester is flammable, add a flame to Polyester and you'll end up with molten plastic beads. Next time you're in Walmart check out their childrens sleepwear, yep all Polyester, naughty naughty.
Vintage Purchasing:
  • If you love to shop vintage you'll no doubt have run into a lot of Polyester simply because during the 60's and 70's it was a revolutionary fabric, cheap to make, hard wearing and the colours don't fade as easily as Natural fibres.
  • If you love it buy it, simple as that, but as always check for smells and stains, they won't wash out.
  • You can't dye it so make sure you love the colour as is.


spidermom said...

<3 <3 <3
simply gorgeous!!!

Essence B. said...

I love this skirt, it's very sophisticated.

Also, I thought it was illegal to make children's sleepwear from polyester, so the fact that Walmart's children's pajamas are polyester is a little terrifying.

ruby murray said...

Thanks for the lovely comment Essence, and about the Polyester sleepwear it's awful I know, Walmart seem to be able to get away with anything, and all the time they pile it high and sell it cheap people that don't know will keep buying it.

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