Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hand-me-Down Horror No. 3 - 80's Frock coat to 40's style swing dress

Now I'm not going to lie this little number caused me no end of issues and I took it apart more times than I care to think of until last night it all just clicked, I knew that I wanted to make it into a dress but it ended up being too short, until I remembered I had discarded the front facing from the waist down which ended up making a perfect waistband Phew!!

I added baby Rick Rack to the neckline and waistband, threw in a few inverted pleats, a couple of buttonholes and miraculously was able to locate 3 matching buttons which in my house is nigh on a miracle.

Anyway, all recycled, nothing new and the buttons and trim from stash, the Dress initially cost me a whole $1 so this was a super cheap recon that fits me like a dream and I am absolutely in love with, so come on Canada enough with the snow alreday, gimme some Spring!!!

In case you need reminding about how awful it was to begin with, here's the before shot.


spidermom said... you have outdone yourself! i bow to your re-con masterfulness :)

ruby murray said...

Lol, yep the force is strong in this one!!!

Kanawinkie said...

This by far is my favourite of yours yet. It's so gorgeous and Spring-ey!
What a dramatic difference!

cindylou said...

this is adorable, I love it!

Kitty said...

This is really lovely!

L and H Pedersen said...

Wow! You have some mad skills! BTW I'm just in Leduc county and I'm hearing you loud and clear about moving along into spring.

ruby murray said...

That's so cool that you're close L&H Pedersen, it's my 4th winter in Canada and I never get used to it dragging on and on and on! C'mon Springtime!!

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