Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hand-me-down Horrors No. 3 - Sneak preview of 80's Batwing Blouse/Jacket

Ok so I've eased myself in gently and made/changed up two pieces that I now love, but it's time to get down to some serious sewing, you know where you actually get your scissors out!! This jacket thingy is truly atrocious but the fabric is scrummy, very 1940's esque, Red white and Blue rosettes, and yep very Patriotic again Dad (yep I just name dropped my parents, what of it!!)

I've already started on this one and have taken it apart a couple of times, it has an odd cut to it so it's taking a bit of jiggery pokery to get the look I want which is more ladylike cute and less, crusty pensioner wear.

Soooooo here we go again, this is the part where I leave you high and dry and hopefully you'll all come back and have a look-see how it turned out.

P.s Can't believe I had so many hits on the last dress last count 200 in less than 24 hours, wowsers my family really have been busy!


ruby murray said...

Gah having problems with this recon, perhaps because it's post no. 13 (sudden, unexplained bolt of lightning crashes down outside!!!)

cindylou said...

crusty pensioner wear,,,LOL

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