Tuesday, January 18, 2011

See I can sew from Scratch too!!

So I had a bit of a break from the sewing machine and messed around with my glue gun last night, lots of fun, mainly the peeling glue of my knuckles, mmmmh yum! as such, here is a photo of a dress I made from new fabric but using a 1970's Vintage pattern, oh how I love vintage patterns, and I'm such a sucker for a fluffy poufy sleeveS.

It has an Empire waist, Bias tape bound neckline, flutter sleeves, Bias tape pockets and a little bit of elastic on the back to cinch it in a little and I did away with a zipper as it fitted over my head without undoing it, which is great.

What no Rick Rack I can hear you say, (esp Lacey!) nope for this one I was in the midst of a Bias Tape obsession I have still yet to kick, I literally Bias tape anything, even the seams you can't see, crazy huh! 

I love this modern fabric, I seem to have a recent fascination for the Red, White, Blue combo, wonder what caused that?! missing home maybe, not the Grey skies, Rain, Gas at STG 1.25 per litre, nope none of those, but oh how I love the romance of picturing me back home!

At the moment I'm working on my first Sweater (Jumper for you folks back home) recon, I started it ages ago and couldn't decide if I liked it but seeing my good buddy JDawg (yep I'm so Canadian these days I have friends with nicknames!!) the other day got me thinking about it again, so the next one's for you lady. Hope I haven't jinxed myself now.

Anyway hope you like this one and yes I am aware that outside in Edmonton we have something close to 2 foot of snow but I just can't get the hopes of Spring/Summer out of my mind so here is another Summery number.

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spidermom said...

everything you make is so pretty and feminine! really love the pattern on this one :)

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