Monday, January 17, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Horror No. 5 - The sound of Music

Just finished this off last night, more of a complicated finish than I've done with most of the other refashions and not something I've ever done before so glad it worked out phewee!! I've made collars from scratch before but never traced the pattern from a finished garment and it worked first time, without the aid of a safety net!!

Sewing and making the collar piece was not as hard as it looked and I started to write a tutorial as I went but the lighting in here at night is atrocious so maybe in the future I'll get to doing the whole thing in daylight and give step by step instructions.

I've added pics of with and without buttons because I just can't decide, so let me know what you think, for the sake of the photos I just popped them on to pins, a great way to see the finished product without committing to something you're not sure about. Just remember to take out the pins and sew the buttons on before you wear it! 

Obligatory crumpled before shot

Really happy with how this one turned out, not bad for a piece of thrifted white fabric I bought in a pack for $1 just to get a crazy 70's print that came with it!


ruby murray said...

So whaddyathink? Buttons? no buttons? need your help ladies!

spidermom said...

buttons! definitely with buttons!

-Sam said...

Love it! I prefer the version with buttons as well :)

ruby murray said...

Yep I decided to keep the buttons ladies, thanks for the advice x

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