Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hand-Me-Down Horror No. 6 - No Love for Moths

So this one had me stumped for a while, it was originally a short sleeved fitted sweater in a gorgeous soft wool, so gorgeous in fact that Moths had taken a great big nibble out of the back in a most inconvenient place, over one of the shoulder blades. Not easily patched up or cut out, had it been on the front then easy peasy.

I threw it in the Washing Machine to felt it a little then drew on the back with yarn and stitched it down with embroidery floss, I think stitchy types call this Couching?

The felting process also made it too small especially as I had decided to make it into a Cardigan so I added some Crochet to the edges and now it fits. It's nothing difficult, just single crochet then some shells for the button holes. I'm not an expert at Crochet by any means but this did the trick. I added some mismatching buttons mainly because I couldn't find 8 matching buttons, I love how this looks though, and finally some Rick Rack around the collar and voila!

Some before shots of the Horror that is was before!

I think this one will grow on me, I had it half finished for a couple of months and wasnt sure how I felt (te he he) about it, and I think I still have some tinkering to do when I get some more ideas about the sleeves, they need some trimming I think both with Scissors and Crochet too, Hmmmm maybe some more Rick Rack'll do the trick! haha 


La Bouilloire Noire said...

I think its so cute and if you don't want it you can totally give it to me and I'd rock the socks off of it!

ruby murray said...

That's so sweet of yoy LBN! so glad you like it.

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