Thursday, January 6, 2011

My name is NOT Earl!

A poigniant discussion on
got me thinking today, and thinking and thinking. The topic of conversation was the concept of Free as in free tutorials/information etc being given away by Bloggers and if this is sustainable.

This really struck a chord with me, as a rampant crafter (not sure if those words have ever been teamed up before!) I have used many Free tutorials offered on blogs across the world, if I want to make anything for myself it seems that some friendly person is willing to offer a helping hand, to me a stranger, for nothing. I am in and out, I get the information and then I'm gone, I have rarely thought about the person offering the tutorial, how busy they are, the fact that they are taking time away often from their families and work.

Reading the opinions of other Bloggers that have given many hours worth of tutorials, step by step instructions and in detailed photos, was a real eye opener and really shamed me. As a newbie Blogger I look forward to the comments I receive from my sparse following, it didn't occur to me that these generous people, seasoned bloggers though they may be are also looking forward to a little bit of wordy love. Now I pride myself on my manners, me muvver brought me up good like, and yet of the tens of tutorials I have tried not one person have I thanked, not one, that's truly shameful.

So here we go, my name is not Earl but I too have a list, a long list of people that have helped me, inspired me and made my life richer in some cases by making a previously unchartered craft suddenly seem accessible. They don't know me yet, but they will do, they're going to have one more comment, from me, a big thank you for their time and generosity.


ruby murray said...

Would love to hear your comments on this.

spidermom said...

well said! i've had similar thoughts about all of the free and shared crochet patterns i've used!

Hannah said...

Ahh, that is so thoughtful!

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