Saturday, January 1, 2011

A look back at some crafty projects from 2010

Now just because of the New Year celebrations, celebrations? what celebrations? yours truly was in her fleecy jammies curled up on the sofa with Mr Ruby Murray by 8pm watching DVD's and eating Christmas Chocolates. As I was about to say, I've still been crafting even through New Years Eve and I'll be sharing those pics soon, my apartment lighting is hideous and I have one hour a day when it's picture taking quality so more to come tomorrow.

These are just a few projects I've sewn and stitched this year, by no means all but just a teeny taster of more cuteness to come in 2011. 

A knitting needle roll for a swap.

A summer dress fashioned from a vintage 70's duvet cover

A small keepsake of home that got me hooked on Cross stitch.

A little token of love for my gorgeous little fella made from recycled sweaters that were felted.

4 metres of bunting made for a swap partner from vintage fabrics.

I'm looking forward to trying out more projects this year from recycled fabrics (my favourite type of crafting) I have a huge pile of pretty much everything, but in particular a 3ft pile of felted sweaters that is itching (excuse the pun) for greatness and a dozen projects already spinning (tehehe) through my mind!

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