Sunday, January 2, 2011

The case of the Mole hill returns

So my apartment was dark and gloomy all day making it impossible to take any decent photos, thankfully I still have a ton of projects stored up so here is another one that I've yet to share on here.

On the WIP front, I finished another two more off the list and this time it was a couple of papercraft projects and one gluegun quickie! so natural light permitting hope to take decent ones worth sharing tomorrow.

This project was for a swap, it's a quilted cutlery roll with a napkin to match the lining fabric and a matching quilted placemat. It was fun to make and believe it or not this was made from 2 new pillow cases so a pretty frugal project, it turned out so nicely and my partners favourite colours were Navy Blue, Grey and White, which at first threw me since I am the queen of pretty and Floral.

All folded up and tied with a Grosgrain ribbon (stitched on)

 Open to show the lining and the matching napkin.

Reverse of the quilted placemat

Quilting on outside of the cutlery roll.

When I have a bit more time on my hands I'd consider making a tutorial for both of these, since they turned out so nicely, it's a little more advanced sewing as it was bias tape bound, and man do I love to use Bias tape, but it's still manageable if you take your time for those of you new to bias tape.

Hope you like this one from the archive, and light permitting some WIP projects coming up tomorrow.

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spidermom said...

i love everything about this! fabric is awesome, quilting is awesome, ribbon is awesome. :) and the concept of a cutlery roll is pretty awesome too

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