Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hand-me-Down Horrors No. 4 Mens shirt recon

Finished this puppy last night but taking photos of stripes? I'd forgotten how much of a pain it is phewee!
So this was a uniform shirt for Sysco, it had two pockets and was originally an XXXL so plenty of room for little ole me!

I wipped off both pockets and placed one higher up to cover the Sysco embroidery, added a bit of the beloved baby Rick Rack and that's it. I did use a pattern for this, patterns definitely serve a purpose when it comes to something more slim fitting.

Unfortunately the photos of this one suck and little baby Noah was only asleep for half an hour today so I didn't get much time to play around with photos, that and I do not use Photoshop, I don't even have it so when I get a good photo it's all me!! Unfortunately sometimes like below the photo makes out like I've made a booboo!!the top looks a little wonky but it's actually not, belt too tight maybe?

So what do I have planned for week 2 of Hand-me-Down Horrors? all being well I have an old Ultrasuede coat recon to something completely different and fingers crossed it works out, a wool granny coat recon, maybe a few more, if you're good!!


Essence B. said...

This is adorable! I never would have thought about making a shirt into a skirt, but now I'm really tempted to find an XXXL shirt.

ruby murray said...

Do it, just get a sewing pattern if you want something fitted like this or you could always make a simple rectangle 1.5 x your waist measurement, gather it then zig zag stitch on to a wide elastic waistband, for something quick and easy (20 mins tops) and more stretchy/casual.

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