Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly round up

So I started the Hand-Me-Down Horror theme a week tomorrow and I've already made my wardrobe a whole lot cuter with the four (3 horrors plus the from scratch pencil skirt) pieces that are now hanging with pride, but what's this? no picture today? did I get lazy and fancy a break? hellz no!

Here's the deal, I finished the red dress and got straight into the next piece to redo, and this one is also on my WIP list so yay for double duty, I would have had the mystery article finished too had it not been for an unco-operative sewing machine, it just did not want to work. So we sat down had a chat, I told her (of course she's a lady, let's face it, she's way too hardworking to be male!) that there were at least 6 people around the world that wanted me to keep sewing, she still didn't want to work, then I realised that she was just a little thirsty, so I gave her a can of oil and a straw overnight and Bob's your Uncle she's working like a dream this morning, in fact I've never heard her so quiet so it was probably way overdue.

So all being well I should have pics of No. 4 tomorrow, and what's in store for next week? well I can't promise 5 finished items again, but I am going to plough through as many pieces as possible. I have plenty of clothes that need upcycling/embellishing and more Vintage trim than you can shake a ladylike stick at, so one thing is certain, I will not be buying a thing to transform the forthcoming weeks garments.

Check in tomorrow to see todays sewing project.

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