Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Lorra Lorra ugly

So my good friend Sara sent me a link to a challenge on Craftster called super ugly to super awesome, she said it sounded like something I'd be good at, aww thanks!

It sounded to me like a great excuse to ditch the hubby and baby Noah and get my thrift on at my beloved Dollar Thrift Store. This place is a LEG-END (pron. leg end) after much rolling up of sleeves and getting stuck into some seriously packed rails I managed to find these beauties. Not sure which option I'm going for yet, I like to keep myself guessing even, but here are my spoils.

A Pink Plastic Canvas Perpetual Calendar, love the idea, very enviromentally conscious, very ick, check out the colours, Pink, Grey, Baby Blue, Maroon mixed with two, count 'em two layers of lace one in 3 pastel tones.

Now this has potential, it's Wool at least but the floral embroidery I am not loving 

I only wish I could have a picture of me wearing this and possibly dancing to Hammertime!! the shoulder pads on this were plastic and about 2 inches thick.

Probably the least ick of all but I wanted this for the Ultrasuede fabric which was in good nick (translation: good nick = quality condition)

So my mind is spinning with all the Horror of these new purchases, now I know I'm not buying anything new for the Hand-Me-Down Horrors Month but this is a challenge people and I needed serious ugly to be a contender.

1 comment :

spidermom said...

WOW i can't even decide which is ugliest!!!! turning any of these into beauties is truly going to be a fun challenge!

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