Monday, January 10, 2011

Hand-me-down Horror No. 2 The French Maid

Yay here it is, I couldn't hold out any longer in fact, I even got on Skype and gave my Mum a VIP viewing back home! I actually finished this dress last night but have been busy again today back on the sewing machine finishing up two more projects not related to the Hand-me-down horror feature, will post soon though.

I can't believe that such a simple change could turn an old work horse of a dress into this cute little number. The Crochet trim (yep I'm totally addicted to the stuff, all shapes and sizes of it) just makes this boring dress pop and obviously brings some focus up to the neckline, where previously there was no pizazz, no nothing.

I salvaged the Crochet trim from this hideous dress, which in the photo actually looks wearable (kind, sorta) but this photo was taken after the dress was dismantled, imagine 3 more tiers of fluff, Crochet lace and ribbons, ick ick ick . I'm still thinking of things I can do to this dress to make it less of a horror so stay tuned this puppy may be back for a second lap. Currently it reminds me of something that Katie Price would wear with no underwear underneath to go to a parents evening, yuck!

(Google Jordan or Katie Price for images of this trampy UK sensation)

Before pics of pink salvage dress and boring black dress from wardrobe.

Hope you like this one folks, I'm dead chuffed with how it turned out.


spidermom said...

wowza thats gorgeous! the black one, i mean! :)
pretty sure i had something similar to that pink thing when i was a in 1983 or something....just got a little shiver thinking of all the awful clothes from then!

ruby murray said...

Lol, so you wouldn't be interested in a giveaway... of the pink one that is? te he he

Hannah said...

Hey now i've figured out how to post a comment! Horay! I like it (the black one), but how's my dress coming along rampant crafter?

ruby murray said...

Darn it Hanna (whomever you are!) you've shamed me into adding it to the WIP list. It's only been 3 years in the making, and just think of all the practice I've had since I started it.

cindylou said...

you have been busy, great stuff!!!!!

Sew Country Chick said...

Yes, that pink one looks like the lavender one I graduated from elementary school in.nice job on the black dress.

Anonymous said...

this is just gorgeous. I found your website when I was browsing for blue skirts and I couldn't go past how pretty this is!

I'm definitely going to add you to my must read list!

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