Sunday, December 26, 2010

Projects for the homesick

I am a proud Brit, and yes it is much easier to be proud of your home country when you're miles away, so to remind me of home I made this cushion out of recycled fabrics I had from other projects, the Navy Blue is a thrifted shirt and the other fabrics are scraps from numerous bag projects I had to hand. Gotta love a project which costs you zero, yep I love a thrifty project too.

I have THE worlds biggest scrap bag and any project that means I get to use up my scraps I am all over, so look out for new projects in the forthcoming months that get to use up some of my fit to bursting scrap bag.

P.s I have a backlog of craftiness to upload so lots of new(ish) projects on here that I've been enjoying for a little while.

1 comment :

spidermom said...

i love this project! such a clever way to re-use and remember home :)

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