Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Tutorial - Milk Bottle Top Spiders

Reposting these Milk Bottle Top spiders from last year, cute, recycled and if you add some fishing line you can totally creep people out by dangling them from light fittings!
What you'll need:
Milk Bottle Top
Scrap of Ribbon or Bias Tape
Googly Eyes
Pipe cleaners
Hot Glue gun

Milk Bottle Top
Glue on your pompoms
Glue on two more for eyes and 2 Googly eyes

Wrap base of lid in ribbon/bias tape just to hide the ugly plastic. If you have plenty of pompoms you could use those instead
Cut a small piece of Pipe cleaners for fangs and 8 Z shaped pieces for legs
Glue on fangs
Flip him/her over and glue the legs in place, hold on to each one for 5-10 secs to make sure it's glued properly or it will come off when you start rearranging the legs.
Flip it back over and play around with the legs until it either sits or stands.

It's ok they're tame, just don't feed them after midnight! (Ancient movie reference ahoy!)

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