Sunday, September 29, 2013

Crochet: Granny Rectangle Hottie

I have the fondest childhood memories of staying over at my Nanny Grays house. On cold winter nights, in her unheated home she would wrap us up snug as bugs in all manner of blankets, and I would rest my feet on a toasty hot water bottle which she was always gravely concerned would be too hot.

I still love having a Hot water bottle now, and as we rapidly approach the cool nights of Canadian Autumn I couldn't wait to make a cute cover for my 'hottie'.

I'm as much obsessed with Granny Squares as I am hot water bottles, and since I'd been itching to try my hand a Granny rectangle I thought this was the perfect project.
(Apparently this is the 'boys side' according to the hubs and my little man. Nice to see I could accommodate everyone!)

Perusing Pinterest I came across these gorgeous specimens to get my creative matter working.


Stitch Me Softly - Refashioned knit Hottie cover Tutorial Click through to the Oxfam post for the Tutorial but first check out this blog, it's beautiful, and so inspiring. I need to spend more time searching through all the amazing posts.
Not sure why it's not occurred to me how fantastic shrunken Turtle neck knits would be for covers, in a cute kids sweater pattern too? personally I'm loving the Fair Aisle, Scandinavian Star cover.
My Hot English self could not resist this one, apparently it's an easy knit? may even try my newbie Knitting skills out on this.


In all its Granny Rectangle glory, it's cute and it's functional, winner!

So what are you crafting to take you into the colder Autumn weather? are you picking up your hooks and needles and stitching up something cosy?

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Ruby Murray said...

Very cool hot water bottle cover Ruby! and I love all the ones you showcased too - especially the sweater ones! Things are hotting up here in Cairns now as we head into summer, just about to wash all the duvets today and pack them away till next year!

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