Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Little House pincushion

Is there anything cuter than a tiny house? and a tiny house that's practical, girly and for a fellow lover of Sewing and crafts? This was my offering for the lovely Kitty_Catty on the One Tiny House Swap on the super duper Craftster
Inspired by a vintage magazine (as per usual) from the 70's which used Rick Rack for roof tiles I rustled up this beauty. Would you believe that the Window Rick rack is the baby variety? so teeny tiny!

I was able to take all the supplies from my enormous stash/hoard/pile of everything crafty, but originally the red Cord from my beloved Reuse Centre (love that place!)

Things are almost calming down enough for me to get back to scheduled posts, so much to post, so little time, usual busy Mama story, you know the drill ;)


Ruby Murray said...

Copied from an email from the super talented June:
'Adorable. And so pretty and happy, as well. I love it! Just makes me smile looking at the photos - one day, if I ever have any free time to 'play' and craft just for myself, I'm gonna try to make one of these beauties.

Wish we had something like Reuse Centre here in Ireland...the closest we've got is The Crafter's Basket, which I buy a lot of my crafty supplies at.

Thanks for sharing this lovely little house with us, Ruby. It really is adorable and sweet. And functional!'


Ruby Murray said...

June you are such a sweetheart, just something cute and childish but it made me smile too and don't we all secretly make stuff to please ourselves even when it's a gift?
Anyone reading these comments should totally check out the lovely Junes handiwork at beautiful celtic crafts, amazing painting.

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