Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fabric Valentine Cards

Why haven't I tried this before? using Fabric on cards, Papercrafts are such a strange and foreign land to me but give me a scrap of fabric and I can make the proverbial silk purse out of a Sows ear.

I picked up some teeny tiny folded cards thrifting which were a great size and came with envelopes buttt they were birth announcements so the front needed to be altered. A few fabric scraps machine stitched on to the card, some felt, letter shapes, Baby Rick Rack and sequin edging and BAM teeny tiny Valentines cards for my little heartbreakers harem of Preschool girlfriends.

For size comparison a regular card sized envelope in the background.

Excuse the hot glue gun, I just do not have the patience to wait for white glue to go off, so if I craft and it calls for Glue there's only one type for me and I make it work, burnt calloused fingers are my hallmark.

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