Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Mini Engraved House

I recently won $400 in gift cards for an amazing local Art store for my Medal Ribbon submission. So each time I visit and treat myself, I try to pick up a different type of material I've not worked with before. This time round it was a heavy grade foil.

I love anything teeny weeny and what's cuter than a teeny house? I  had some Polystyrene packing pieces I wanted to find a reuse for so I carved a square shape, gave it a roof and got to work engraving/embossing a little house, it's extremely wonky (I'm gonna claim that's my style!) but I had fun, rescued something that can't be recycled and added one more teeny house to my collection,

Round the back

Want to make your own?

  • Make a small box from Cardboard (cereal boxes are perfect) Matchboxes would be great for this if you have some to hand.

  • Lean on something soft to get the crispest embossed picture, Styrofoam or craft foam works.

  • Embossing and special cutting tools not required, a Dried out ballpoint pen works, or a Toothpick, and cut with plain old scissors.

  • When it comes to gluing I Hot Glue gun everything, and it turns out Polystyrene melts! (Durrrr) so using just Polystyrene without a box around it will make it hard to glue. Pop the polystyrene into the box then wrap your tooled foil around it, then gluing is a cinch.

  • I just folded each edge almost like gift wrapping, if it's too bulky just snip a bit off.

  • Sharp edges? make them blunt by leaning the pokey bits on a hard surface.

Having played with the foil I now want to get hold of some Aluminium flashing, the foil creased way too easily so it's time to bring out the big guns!


LimeRiot said...

Congrats on winning that gift card!! What an awesome prize.

I love teeny houses and this is one of a kind. What a great idea. Super cute.

ruby murray said...

Thanks Lime, yes I was so lucky so many great things to try every time I go to the Art store.

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