Friday, September 21, 2012

Vinyl Bibs - Time Saving for Mamas


Baby G gives them the Royal seal of approval

Pre holiday crafting included these bad boys, two cute vinyl bibs which have changed mealtimes and washing days for me, no yucky stained bibs's to be washed, or dried, now I just wipe and go. (disturbing 80's Flashbacks of Vidal Sassoon wash'n'go ads).

I won't profess to know the ins and outs of manufacturing Vinyl and how it impacts the environment but with less washing that has to earn me some Eco warrior brownie points.

Wanna make your own?
Use a favourite sized/shaped bib as a template.
Use Leather needles they're sharper and will pierce the fabric easier.
Use a 3 or higher stitch length, small stitches too close together could create holes.
Take it slowly the holes are noticeable if you have to unpick.
Vinyl can shred and the edges will be rough on babies neck so bind with cotton bias tape.
Zigzag stitch or straight stitch Appliques on and stitch close to the edge to avoid lifting.
Thanks to my bud Spidermom for the remnant of Vinyl, enough to make two bibs and the neck cut out pieces I've saved for Appliques, they are the perfect shape for two cute whales when I get some more coloured vinyl.


LimeRiot said...

Oh oh oh!! I have a present to make for my neighbor's son. This idea is perfect. Thank you :). Off to pin!

spidermom said...

OMG so cuuuute!!!

i like the bib too ;)

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