Monday, September 17, 2012

Teeny Tiny Needlepoint House & Painted Tea Chest

For a recent Craftster swap entitled Anything Goes Tiny House Swap, I made a Needlepoint house using this great tutorial Craftypod - Plastic Canvas Gingerbread House Tutorial I've made several of these (all different) and I've always been dead chuffed with the result.
To show how tiny it is
But how do I ship to the US without it getting flattened? I pop it inside a teeny shipping crate (read Old wooden tea chest), but not just any Tea chest, Nope I broke out my Kindergarten level painting skills just one more time to produce this beauty. A wonky Victorian mansion house based (very) loosely on a flat I used to live in, in a 1900's Victorian Mansion by the sea.
And because I can't leave well enough alone, here's a shot of some back door action, complete with knocked over rubbish bins, a smelly-cat and a Fire escape.



Thanks to another Craftster member for the cute painted family (MamanTattoo) yup, focus on the people and not my floating roof tile lines ;)
  Similar example of the tea chest I used via
This was another fun project made with stuff I had to hand, love it when that happens, of course now that I want to make some more painted tea chest houses for the kiddos I can't find any more tea chests anywhere!


sewphie said...

The needlework house is just so cute! I need to make some of them for christmas :)

sewphie said...
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LimeRiot said...

A teeny house inside of another teeny house!! Squeeee!! How adorable. I need to check out that gallery.

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